Foreign drugs will find domestic replacement

The Ministry of health of Ukraine has proposed to discuss the draft State target program aimed at developing the production of drugs, substitute imports. This measure aims to increase the share of domestic medicines, especially vaccines and serums on the market of Ukraine.

Already by 2021 according to the project requirement in medical devices will be 50 percent to be replaced by domestic production. First of all, the government intends to issue in Ukraine, those drugs that are currently purchased in state funds that will help to allocate more budgets for the development of the industry.

The local production of medicines has nothing to give to imported products, but due to low costs of production become more accessible to the population. According to statistics for the last ten years, the share of domestic drugs in the medicine market is steadily fell from 39 percent in 2005 to 26.5% in 2011. At the moment among the list 1343 medicines in pharmacies Ukraine only 232 names are available in the country.

This decision of the government not only reduce the cost of essential population drugs, but will release funds for the development of hospitals and improve health care.

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