Foreign body in the eye

The mote in the eye - insect, dust, eyelash familiar to all. Foreign bodies are intraocular (penetrating through the eye shell and the surface. As a rule, most of these impurities, thanks to the protective reflexes of the cornea can be easily removed using a reinforced flashing and slezootdelenia. A doctor should be contacted if a foreign object firmly caught on the ocular surface.

The symptoms that occur when the penetration of a foreign body in the eye cavity from slight discomfort to unbearable intense pain). It depends on the type and localization of the damage and the damaging of the subject. The patient may experience a burning, intense pain, photophobia, redness, lacrimation, eye irritation (from small to unbearable), reduced vision, scratching sensation in the eye, eyes open bad. Sometimes the symptoms may be completely absent or minimal. Therefore, if there is a suspicion that the inside of the eye is exposed to a foreign body, but discomfort is not felt, it is necessary to address to the doctor. He will be able to see what to the naked eye is often unnoticed and remove this item.

Foreign body located in the sclera, conjunctiva or the cornea should delete the specialist. Attempts to remove it by yourself is very dangerous and can lead to the formation of rough scar or develop eye infections that affect vision. Foreign body penetrate inside the eye is removed in a specially equipped operating room with the help of the microscope, special equipment and tools. This kind of damage should operate immediately, because they really threaten not only the vision, but safety of eyes. Removal of superficial foreign bodies produce in the same place as the reception. First instilled in the patient's eyes anesthetic drops, and then slit lamp (microscope) carefully remove the foreign body. Then the patient is prescribed an anti-inflammatory ointments and drops to prevent the development of pronounced inflammation and infection.

For people engaged in agriculture, carpentry and plumbing is the best prevention is to wear protective goggles. Man cannot control the trajectory of emitted randomly from under the chisel, hammer or chisel machine burrs or chips.

If the particle wood, glass, metal or any other material still gets into the eyes need to follow some rules:

To extract the foreign body itself is not necessary, it is extremely dangerous and can only aggravate the situation.

Not to RUB or touch the affected eye. These actions can contribute to the deepening of a foreign body in the eye cavity, which leads to further injury.

Need for as long as possible to keep my eyes closed, as if winking irritation only grew.

One should consult a specialist who will provide the necessary assistance.

Eyes with clean water at room temperature. Keep your eyes should open and rinse them until the disappearance of the pain. It happens that after removing the mote unpleasant feeling persists, but it is less pronounced and soon passes.

You can see the eyeball with the help of a mirror and remove the foreign object clean cotton swab or cloth.

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