Forecasters from Germany promises the hottest summer in history

Researchers from University of Giessen Germany forewarn people with heart disease and poor tolerance to high temperatures: coming summer promises to be the hottest in history. Data scientists received after the registration of the increase of temperature in the Pacific ocean.

Information coincides with the report of the world meteorological organization. In the atmosphere increases the concentration of greenhouse gases. This inevitably leads to global warming.

The first symptoms of a hot summer over the territory of Russia can be seen already now. In Moscow in the next few days the temperature will be at 30-31 degrees Celsius. It is possible that this summer the heat will break all previous records, including the summer of 2010 in Moscow and other cities of the European part of Russia.

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Doctors advise to be careful in the heat, to avoid loads at elevated temperatures. In the presence of heart disease and blood vessels, the heat can cause heart attack and stroke.

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