For treatment of migraine may benefit from Botox

Injections of Botox (drug, anti-wrinkle) in a short time can do to people in the UK who suffer from chronic migrainelike pain. This method of treatment can be used free of charge, believes the regulatory authority of a state system of health, United Kingdom.

In Britain more than seven hundred thousand people suffer from chronic migrainelike pain. In the latest recommendations of the National Institute of clinical trials and health (NICE) States that Botox can and even should be used for the treatment of disease, but only in cases when other medications do not help. English support Fund research Migranian pain this proposal was supported.

Migraine is a neurological disease. This disease is characterized by a strong, predominantly one-sided headaches. Attacks sometimes can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and followed after her vomiting, noise and photophobia. Chronic sick person is someone who suffers from headaches on 15 or more days per month, not less than 8 of which are at an acute migraine attack.

For use as a migraine drugs Botox was approved in 2010. Now NICE raises the issue of financing from the state budget this method of treatment through the National health system. Carol Longson - Professor, Director of the center for the evaluation of developments in the field of medicine, NICE, speaking about the importance of treatment Migranian pain, States: "Chronic migraine seriously undermine the strength of the human body and affect the quality of his life".

Experts in the final plan recommendations to submit in the month of June of the current year. According to estimates NICE 12-week course of treatment per patient will cost about 560 dollars. How Botox is opposed Migranian pain have not been studied. It is possible that it dampens signals of pain or even muscle relaxant.

In the world every fifth person regularly suffers from pulsating pain in the frontal or temporal part of the head. The world health organization it is considered that this pain may lead to disability.

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