For the obligatory medical insurance Ukrainians will pay 3% of pay

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on health Bakhteyeva said that by the end of 2014, Ukraine should go in the system of mandatory medical insurance. To ensure that the salary of Ukrainians will be channeled to the state Fund of 3%.

The chair stated that Ukraine will focus on French and Moldovan insurance model, created on the principle of the state insurance Fund, receives royalty payments. However, the amount of the deduction is still not legally registered, Bakhteeva expressed only suggestions:

Also the Chairman of the Committee stressed that the state is not going to absolve themselves of responsibility for the health of its citizens, especially vulnerable groups - the disabled, pensioners, low-income families. The development of the law on compulsory state insurance will also help you to understand the list of state guarantees, which will be provided by the insurance plan must be clear, certain medications and a list of medical services. For example, from the budget, the state will pay for emergency treatment and medical care and expensive medical services will be available only through insurance payments. However, health Minister of Ukraine Yuriy gaydayev opposes such insurance, as an example, he cites the experience of the United States.

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