For the first time in recent years the population provided by the vaccine is 100 percent

This year is of paramount importance for the Ministry of health of Ukraine played ensuring maximum coverage of the population by vaccination and immunoprophylaxis.

In 2011, we revised the item vaccines and plans for procurement, often allowed even in conditions of insufficient financing to bring the level of availability of vaccines population to 95-100 percent.

Is the MoH for the last three years for the first time, which is especially important for the prevention of the most dangerous diseases, such as tuberculosis, polio, diphtheria. In previous years, the availability of vaccines against these infections barely reached 60 percent.

Ukraine's state budget provides funding for vaccines in 236 910,9 thousand UAH, this amount covers only 60 percent of the needs. However, in June was allocated an additional 35 thousand UAH 200,0, and trading have helped to achieve savings on the procurement of 22 million UAH. On budgetary savings was undertaken to purchase the missing vaccines.

Thus, for the purchase of vaccines was spent 272 mln purchased drugs against dangerous infections will be enough to vaccinate populations in the amount of from 95 to 100 percent.

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