For the first time in 40 years, there will be a mass strike of British doctors

on 21 June, the British doctors will carry out a global one-day strike, according to BBC News. During this day the doctors across the country will not be to receive and perform operations (except for emergency).

The strike caused the coming of the reformation of the pension system, based on the increase to 68 years in the retirement age and the increase in pension contributions. British Association of health professionals (BMA) focuses on the fact that so doctors want to get treated fairly, and not privileges.

The doctors ' strike will take place in the workplace, i.e. the doctors to work out. But will work only for urgent calls. In addition, the strike will not participate ambulance doctors, midwives and some other specialists.

The question of the necessity of holding such events were decided by voting, participants were almost 50 thousand doctors. The necessity strike voted more than 80 percent. The Daily Telegraph was presented to the public review of the preliminary calculation of the cost of this action doctors: the British budget will lose about 40 million pounds.

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The British took the decision to hold doctors strike negatively. And, according to the head of one of the research centers Julia manning, the strike will not bring the expected results, and retirement doctors will always remain one of the highest in the UK, to get more doctors will not be able. According to the calculations after the reform of the pension system British physician retired will receive almost 50 thousand pounds a year, or slightly more than 4 thousand pounds per month.

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