For the craving for gambling is the structure of the brain - scientists

Scientists from Britain began in earnest search of the connection between the cerebrum and craving for gambling. It turned out a separate structure involved in the formation of gambling, writes in his article in scientific publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

For detection region, the scientists conducted a series of studies involving healthy people and people with violations of various brain structures. Each volunteer in the study suggested some time to spend at a table with a roulette wheel or slot machine.

The study's author Luke Clark, along with his research team from Cambridge University has determined that islet fraction of the brain involved in the formation of dependence on gambling. People with gambling activity in this zone is especially pronounced. Islet share makes a person stop and understand what he spends his time and money. Defeat only provoke the player.

Dr. Clark is confident, directional influence on islet share will help in the future to treat gambling addiction. Reduced activity of this area together with a reduce cravings for gambling.

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