For the birth of her daughter, the woman refused both hands and feet

A resident of Texas Kate Gijs dreamed to give birth to their child, but when she was waiting for the firstborn at the age of 41 years, doctors gave her a grim diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis, all limbs, women began to slowly wither away, but she decided not to give up.

The doctors offered her an abortion, in order to improve the chances of survival, because the pregnancy was caused disease very rapidly. However, the woman was unable to abandon the child, thinking that no girl her life doesn't need, she refused to remove the fetus.

Kate decided to wait until the end of pregnancy, and although she had to see how rapidly it progresses, the disease and dying limbs, born girl was her best reward. Ariel was born perfectly healthy.

However, two days later the woman had surgery to amputate both hands, the operation lasted more than 15 hours, it was attended by 40 doctors. A week later, the doctors realized that his feet no longer be saved, she could hardly wait for the delivery with the help of drugs and devices.

Although due to the serious condition of Zhenya was in a coma, thanks to the efforts of doctors and faith in her husband, she was able to get out of the serious condition after a course of intensive procedures.

Woman don't regret having decided to keep the pregnancy and go through suffering for the sake of the child.

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"I have no regrets, I'm not willing to live without her daughter, I do not see in this life," says came to mind Kate.

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