For teenage gluttony gene mutation is responsible

Experts from the USA, Britain and Australia found a correlation between the tendency to overeat and peculiarities of the human genome. It turned out not only psychological factors influence eating behavior of a teenager. There are specific genes that causes the child to reach for food regardless of the actual degree of saturation of the organism. Writes about this edition of Obesity.

The study involved 6 thousand children aged 14-16 years. Some showed a tendency to overeat. In this group often identified mutation of the FTO gene. According to the results, this failure increases the risk of overeating on a third.

Note, education about the formation of the child's right relationship to food are key factors in the prevention of obesity. If parents are involved in their children's lives, talk about healthy lifestyles and show the benefits of physical activity in my example, the risk of obesity is reduced dramatically. And no genes will not force the child to reach for another portion of fatty and unhealthy food.

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