For smokers stronger words are images of horror on the pack of cigarettes

Terrible pictures on cigarette packs, which are designed smokers to wean from addiction, there are many times stronger than others, including large print, warnings about the disastrous effects of Smoking on human health.

This conclusion was made by U.S. researchers, who in turn conducted a survey of about 200 smokers.

As it turned out that among the 83 percent who participated in the survey, smokers were remembered warnings, if they were accompanied by relevant images, while the text warnings, informing about the dangers of Smoking, was postponed in memory only 50 percent of respondents.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania were applied technology track view, in order to determine exactly how long a smoker detained opinion on this or that segment of the alert that was posted on the pack that cigarette.

After tracking the participants in the study were invited in writing to reproduce the content of the warnings, in order to determine how well they have been learning.

The authors of the studies concluded that the faster the sight of a smoker were recorded on a text warning that accompanied the picture, and the more time was spent in viewing the image, the greater were the chances that this information they will remember correctly.

Recall that the Ministry of health of the USA given orders to on cigarette packs graphic warnings had already appeared in the September of the current year, however, the tobacco companies this decision was challenged in court.

So far, in the world today, the only country which has agreed to enter monotonous package without specifying a brand, and with images of horrific consequences of Smoking, only, unfortunately, Australia. The rest of the country today, took a wait.

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