For muscle growth testosterone has no effect

New research from McMaster University, which were published in the organ of the "Journal of applied physiology, deny allegiance to one of the key methods of bodybuilding. Invariably argued that the amount of the hormone testosterone in the bodies of men and women, is crucial for muscle mass gain. If the degree of testosterone is high - it suggests that people can without any problems nakahata, and become a happy owner of an impressive pile of muscles. But, in the course of medical tests it has been proven - it is not so.

During the study, two groups of researchers watched the progress of training focus groups, which consisted of women and men. After each session the participants were measured testosterone levels in the blood. As shown by the test results after an intense workout testosterone levels increased about 45 times. But the body's ability of protein synthesis, which is a kind of muscular skeleton of a man, not increased. Scientists concluded that testosterone is not the main anabolic hormone that affects the growth of muscle mass. Why weightlifters trying to increase muscle tissue by use of drugs, hormonal nature, contains a huge dose of testosterone, corny wasting your time.

Lead author of the research, Daniel West States: "the Leading role in the process of building muscle is owned by another hormone - cortisol. I used to think that cortisol does the opposite effect, in other words, destroys tissue, and does not contribute to the increase in the rate of muscle protein synthesis. But now scientists reached a new level of understanding of what is happening in the body of the synthesis process".

In the future, Dr. West is planning his research to continue and find out how we can help athletes. He believes that his research will contribute to permanently opt out of receiving drugs-steroids, which, although they give a significant increase in muscle mass, but at the same time adversely affect the health of athletes.

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