For mental health you should consume plenty of vitamins

Source Medical Express, it became known that for a normal and healthy psyche in the body should always be a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. According to Professor B. Kaplan (University of calgary), this fact applies to all, especially to people who are prone to depression and anxiety. The Professor believes that using vitamin supplements can completely replace the drugs that takes people to calm down or to get out of depression. Also vitamin supplements a good remedy for stress and has a positive effect on mood, fatigue.

According to the findings, people who were upset, but their diet was rich in vitamins and minerals, mental condition has stabilized. Useful materials include 5-hydroxy-tryptophane, vitamins of group B, group D, Ginkgo, biloba, omega-3.

In most cases the person most active in the morning, then after lunch there is a pause, power is gradually being restored in the late afternoon and the final breakdown is observed at bedtime. But it should say that it all depends on a persons sex, how old he is, what climate he lives and others

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In order to recuperate some people eat sweets or drink energy drinks. Others take it a rule to eat often and little by little, as well as exercise.

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