For men with breast cancer are more dangerous than women

"Although the disease such as breast cancer men face much less frequently than women, probably, this diagnosis will be fatal", - concluded the oncologists. Experts were conducted comparing 13 thousand men and 1 million 440 thousand listed in the U.S. National database of cancer in 1998-2007, writes the edition of The Toronto Sun.

For women the rate of overall survival was 83% and for men is 74 percent. Men on average live about eight years after diagnosis, women who lived about ten years or more.

As stated by Dr. John Greif - head studies, the statistical difference is partly the fact that most people are more aware of female breast cancer, and it follows that their health women check more often.

This means that patients are more likely to identify themselves cancer at an early stage, thereby greatly facilitate oncologists work. Men, unfortunately, cancer is found much later, when the tumor has already grown up, more Mature and ready to infiltrate the lymph nodes.

So what are the risk factors for men, as for women, their list includes: a predisposition to a genetic level and the presence in the family of cancer patients, radiation, Smoking, excess body weight, lack of physical activity in the plan. Those men should be wary of who have diseases that affect hormones or increased level of estrogen.

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