For laboratory experiments are not suitable white mouse

Norwegian scientists have found that living in the wild habitat of the mouse is more suitable for research in immunology, than grown in the clinical laboratory mouse. Non-sterile conditions faced by ordinary wild mouse, increase the readiness of their immune system to fight infections.

Experiments in immunology with normal laboratory mice are not able to take into account the environmental factor that is extremely important to compare the results in mice and humans.

Natural killer cells - a key to immune defense, which helps to develop a response to vaccines and infections. A large part of the activity of killer cells occurs in the lymph nodes, which were not detected in mice exposed to infection. However, in humans and domestic animals in the lymph nodes constantly contains Cell-Natural Killer. Scientists from the Norwegian University of Public health found that lymph node wild mice are much more immune cells, and therefore their system is much more similar to human than white laboratory mice.

These results confirm the hypothesis that natural killer cells necessary microbial attack in order to gain power and become sustainable. Prints of previous encounters with microbes remain in the cells-the killers short time in the "memory cells", thereby refuting the opinion on the brevity of life immune cells.

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