For every person obese want to lose weight: study

A recent study by British scientists prove that not every person is obese want to lose weight. The obtained data suggests that 20% had never attended attempts to losing weight and not refused from harmful products in favor of a healthy lifestyle. Forecasts nutritionists, according to The Telegraph, disappointing: by 2050, every second betances will have problems with weight.

Data on the state of Affairs in this were confirmed during the survey of more than those thousand people. Every third admitted that healthy foods he can't afford. 10% had no idea about nutrition. Half of the people with excess weight believe that they lack the willpower to overcome his ailment.

Interestingly, 20% simply did not want to watch your diet and lifestyle. In General, they liked it, despite threats of doctors. According to scientists, the findings say about the negative trends in the country in relation to health. Not always the medicine can help.

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