For a generation the number of patients with cancers increased by 20 percent

According to statistics for the generation of a number of disease cancers has increased by one fifth. When in 1979 the number of cancer cases among Englishmen in the age from 49 to 59 years was equal 44000 per year, whereas in 2008 the figure was closer to 61000, i.e. increased at 17,000.

The growth of the disease mostly occurs in women, they have a number of patients increased by 25 percent, while men just 6.7. But the sad statistic is only at first glance depressing, has not increased the number of infections, and improved methods for diagnosing disease. For example, the method of diagnosis of breast cancer and prostate cancer increased the accuracy of determining the presence of tumors from 50 to 550 percent.

However, changes in the lifestyle of the population also played a role, people often have to use contraceptive pills increased the average body weight, increased alcohol use, children are having children at a later age, all of which increase the likelihood of cancer.

Interesting is the fact that the incidence of lung cancer in men has decreased by 60 percent, while it is steadily growing among women, probably due to the fact that more and more men refuse area, and more and more women begin to smoke.

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However, earlier detection of cancer is the key to successful control of the disease, so that the number of recovering from it, too, has grown. Chances 10 years of life after the discovery of the disease has risen to 50 percent. Thanks to advances in cancer treatments also more people live longer lives with the disease, which undoubtedly affects the statistics.

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