For 35 years the number of people with dementia will triple

Experts from the international Institute for the study of Alzheimer's disease in its report, shared his thoughts about the future of senile dementia and dementia in the world. According to scientists, after 35 years, the number of people with this deviation will be tripled.

And it's either in the genes or in bad environmental conditions. On the contrary, the rapid improvement in the quality of life leads to the increase of its duration. Senile dementia is just a byproduct of old age.

Now living on the earth more than 900 million people older than 60 years. By 2050 in developed countries, they will be at 185% more. The number of poor older people in developing countries will increase by 239%.

Senile dementia often develops in over 60 years of age and Alzheimer's disease leading to dementia. Of saving medicines from an illness in modern medicine does not yet exist.

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