Food to enhance sexual potency in men

Over the years, most men sooner or later meet with a very delicate problem of deterioration of a potentiality. The lack of ability to lead a normal sexual life negatively affects the psychological state of man, and his entire body as a whole. However, many do not know that there are vegetables and fruits, can help in resolving this issue.

Actually, there are many foods that contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins to increase potency. Meals similar products of vegetable origin for restoration of male power now has the name "diet of love". So what is it?

Since ancient time people were included in this diet different products, ranging from the mundane (eggs) food to exotic (for example, Rhino horn). Now, thanks to the efforts of scientists, established with certainty exactly which substances need to restore potency and what products they contain. First among them - citrus (oranges and lemons). It is also very useful figs and pomegranate.

The regulation of the potency is greatly influenced by vitamin E. a Positive effect on the endocrine system and gonads from eating foods containing this vitamin, was seen by people in ancient times. The high content of vitamin E is found primarily in vegetable crops (primarily various types of onions) and vegetable oils. Natural sunflower oil that combines useful vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids, is the ideal product that you want to include in the diet of love".

Another vitamin that supports male power", is vitamin A. Large amount of this vitamin contains carrots, which must be eaten in raw form (e.g., salads), as well as cooking quickly destroys the nutrients.

Not less important in this issue of vitamin C. So do not forget to eat citrus, currants, pepper, rose and cabbage (especially sauerkraut).

Has a positive effect on potency eating foods rich in protein, such as meat and dairy products. However, with these products you have to be very careful because excessive consumption can lead to increased weight, which provides the potency of a negative effect. Vegetarians will be able to find these products replacement as radishes, celery, beets, red pepper, etc.

Some men believe that alcohol promotes potentiality increase. However, the situation is just the opposite. Alcohol has a negative effect on the blood vessels whose health has a significant impact on potency. This is especially true of beer, which among other things increases the level of female hormones in the male body. Also, do not forget that alcohol has a destructive effect on all organs and the organism as a whole.

Of course, as with any diet, an important criterion of "diet of love" is moderation and regularity.

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And most importantly, before you turn to this diet, it is very important to consult with a specialist not to accidentally cause to your health more harm.

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