Food is good in the form of heat

In the 60-ies of the twentieth century, Soviet scientists have proved that the residence time of food in the stomach is directly dependent on its temperature.

If the stomach enters the warm food, its digestion takes two to three hours, it shows a full breakdown of large molecules of protein to amino acids. On the contrary, cold food in the stomach spends time on the order of less and normal digestion does not occur.

Not digested proteins, getting into the small intestine, where food is absorbed, nowhere more absorbed proteins are not capable. Moreover, in the area where you should operate the bacteria responsible for the breakdown namely carbohydrates, begin to multiply bacteria that live on meat and other proteins of animal origin. As a result, the body begins to develop a dysbacteriosis and further metabolism, there are diseases and, alas, obesity.

Of course, nothing terrible will happen if you from time to time will be spoilt with a hash (of course in the heat of summer), jelly or ice cream. However, constantly nourished on the principle of fast food, where bread rolls and other bakery products) with fried cutlets zabivautsa very cold drinks, can cause a very sad consequences.

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