Food-grade plastic threatening allergies - scientists

Bisphenol a, which is included with plastic food, causing scientists a number of issues. Not all experts believe in complete safety. Scientists from Toulouse proved that even minimal doses of BPA may interfere with fetal development of the child and cause allergies or intolerances, reports Science Day.

Every fifth person on the planet suffers from food allergies or enzyme intolerance of certain foods. On the formation of allergies affected not so much heredity as factors in the external environment, including hazardous allergens, one encounters throughout life, starting from the moment of conception.

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Prenatal exposure to BPA, scientists believe, increases the risk of allergies in adulthood. Developed countries are moving away from using food plastic packaging for baby food. In France, this law was introduced in 2013. By 2015, the country plans to get rid of plastic food.

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