Food grade plastic can cause breast cancer

The chemical compound from food-grade plastic affects the development of breast tissue even at the prenatal stage of development, increasing the risk of cancer. This is known as substance – bisphenol-A. There are data to prove the impact of bisphenol on the endocrine system. Poisoning bisphenol difficult to obtain, but the portions are microscopic substances enter the body with water from plastic bottles and when the contact of the food with cling film. This tells Zee News.

Bisphenol able to cross the placenta and affect the fetus in the womb. Scientists conducted an experiment with laboratory mice and found: in animals treated with this substance, were born children with pathology of mammary glands. However, for such changes would require a huge dose of a chemical compound.

It is too early to speak about definite harm of bisphenol a for the human body. However, experts advise to limit the use of cling film a reasonable minimum.

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