Food does not go to you for the future? You have a gene castlepaste!

Scientists have discovered specific genes that make people extremely thin. Though scientists often worked to identify the gene of obesity, scientists first discovered the genes with the opposite effect. Actually "gene" is a group of 28 genes that are duplicated in one of the 2,000 people in the media are not able to gain weight.

Genetics of London Imperial College and the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, made the discovery after analyzing DNA 95 thousand people. 50 of them showed unusual repetition of genes. Usually a person set of 234 chromosomes, but sometimes bundles of genetic material have additional parts. It is people with an extra set of these 28 genes and suffer from excessive castlepaste, their body index below 18.

A quarter of children with genes suffer from microcephaly and half behind in development.

This is the first scientists identified the genetic cause of extreme thinness, developmental delays in children can also occur through the fault of genetics. So if the baby refuses to eat and is not gaining weight, it can be far not the fault of the parents.

Scientists claim that the destruction of this part of the genome will lead to a positive effect in patients and are going to continue the research.

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