Food additive prolongs the life of worms-nematodes

Research group of the University of California have identified a compound that can increase lifespan in worms-nematodes 70% or more. The substance can be found in ordinary supplements.

We are talking about Ketoglutarate acid. It is included with most supplements, participates in the production of cellular energy. The study was able to establish that it can help to increase the lifespan of nematode worms 70%.

Data were obtained biologist Jing Juan together with colleagues. The scientists themselves were surprised with the results. Note, the harm from Ketoglutarate acid has not been detected, recorded only positive properties of the matter.

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The acid enters the Krebs cycle and is responsible for generating cellular energy. It helps the body to function better and to sustain life. However, the researchers emphasize one food additive will not improve health, if not to deal with them comprehensively, including proper nutrition and exercise.

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