Folk remedies against child fright

Modern medicine does not consider the fright in children as independently of the disease, and, therefore, effective therapy for this disease simply does not exist. Although children's fright can successfully cure folk remedies.

According to the classification of folk healers fright information is a disease that can occur in children and adults. Apparent fright due to the strong sudden stress, which affects the human nervous system. Human energy like the sand retains the imprint of the experience of fear that ,in the opinion of the followers of alternative medicine, and is the true cause of nervous disease.

Fear in children is manifested in the form of severe attacks of convulsions, and possible development of foam at the mouth, blueness of the skin and General numbness of the body. Children's fright difficult to treat.

Ways to get rid of the effects of child fear existed among the people for a long time.

Before we got the recipes for the treatment of this disease with the help of fees of various herbs.

For example, mix in equal portions Angelica root, root, hops, grass, Heather, herb St. John's wort, Melissa leaf( 50 grams) and add the leaves of nettle and chamomile flowers( 100g), and the resulting collection infuse in hot water for about half an hour one teaspoon per Cup. The resulting infusion to divide into two equal portions, and take twice a day: morning and evening.

Will help and application of soothing collection of motherwort, Heather, cudweed herb and Valerian ( in the ratio 3:4:3:1). Pour boiling water for a few hours based four spoon collection in one liter of boiling water. This decoction helps if taken several SIPS after an hour in the day after a fright.

A similar effect has been the infusion of cyanosis-blue, Vysocany and crushed.

For the prevention of frights, should be observed and wondered what it fears your child, and help him feel secure, then breakdown can be avoided.

Source: Treatment of shock in children folk remedies from the site "people's doctor".

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