Flu medicine stops cancer metastasis

Ineffective drug against the flu, as it turns out, has a useful property. He is able to slow the growth of metastases and to prevent their development. As a result, the medication may be one of the steps of cancer treatment in advanced cases.

"We learned that by adjusting the total number of sialic acid on the surface of cancer cells and by changing the ratio of the relations of its molecules with the cells, you can achieve any clumping of cells, or suppress this process. For the treatment of cancer will probably need to increase the aggregation of cells to avoid the formation of metastasis," says Roman Axov (Institute of Bioorganic chemistry in Moscow).

Scientists tested the product on laboratory mice. The drug oseltamivir in the presence of the body of the animal cancer delayed the appearance of metastases in the case of breast cancer. Now it is planned to conduct drug tests on volunteers from a number of cancer patients. However, before this drug will test on animals with other forms of cancer.

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