Flowers tobacco will help scientists in the development of new tools against cancer

A research group from the Institute of molecular Sciences, La Trob found in tobacco flower molecule NaD1. The substance has antibacterial and antifungal effect, acts as a natural protection of flower plants. However, all properties NaD1 does not end there: scientists have shown that the molecule has anti-cancer properties.

NaD1 acts on the membrane of cancer cells, destroys the lipid layer, resulting in a cell dies, and its contents poured into the intercellular fluid. Surprising, because the tobacco is carcinogenic plant, while Smoking causes cancer. Scientists believe that more research is needed to confirm the information. Now we plan to conduct preclinical studies, together with the biotechnology company Hexima.

Experts are confident in its success. The main problem therapy against cancer is a huge number of side effects. Drugs act not only on the tumor, but in most tissues. Hardest hit epithelial cells (skin, hair, mucous membranes of the intestines, stomach). Molecule NaD1 valid attack on the cancer cells and kills them. It is possible that the products based on it will soon appear in the Arsenal of doctors.

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