Flowers have many medicinal properties

As proved by scientists from China, flowers such as daffodils, lavender, saffron, Crocus, snowdrops have a positive impact on brain activity. Due to their various healing properties mentioned flowers protect the brain from aging and improve its functions.

For example, the snowdrop is possible to improve brain activity in Alzheimer's disease. It contains galantamine, through which information from neurons is transmitted more actively, which, in turn, has a positive effect on mental functions of the patient. The daffodils are also found content galantamine, and at the moment, scientists are considering the use of these two plants in the treatment of cancer.

And Australian scientists from the University of Sydney was established positive effect of saffron not only on patients with Alzheimer's disease, but also on the elasticity of the cells of the optic bodies. By itself, this fact is very important for the elderly people, who lose their sharpness of vision over time.

The substance contained in the crocuses, called colchicine. This substance has anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. Lavender has soothing properties and helps with anxious, nervous tension, and insomnia. It is also used as an analgesic, and anti-aggression. Similar properties scientists have discovered and milkweed that, plus, helps fight insomnia and protects brain cells.

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