Flour products harm the female body

A group of researchers from the National Institute in Milan found that white bread and pasta can be one of the reasons of development of a pathology of internal organs in women. Particularly when it affected the cardiovascular system.

The study covered 47 of thousands of volunteers. It turned out that the constant consumption of white flour products increases the risk of heart disease and blood vessels twice. Scientists say that the data do not belong to men.

White bread and pasta for the most part consist of "fast" carbohydrates. They rapidly break down to glucose, increasing its level in the blood. A small amount of sugar is always useful, however, excessive consumption of starchy foods can cause the development of cardiovascular disease. Pathology of blood vessels leads to decreased vision due to malnutrition.

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Another study proves dangerous influence on tooth enamel white bread. Earlier experiments prove that the consumption of white bread is not recommended for children under two years.

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