Flour increases blood sugar? Green tea will reduce!

Perhaps in the near future scientists will make changes in the dietary guidelines for people suffering from high sugar levels. As a result of experiments, scientists were able to find the ingredient of green tea, which can reduce blood sugar levels. However, test subjects were still a mouse.

Instead feed the mice were given antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) in corn starch, then analyses showed significant reduction in blood sugar levels. The dose of EGCG to mice in the equivalent is for one person with half a Cup of green tea. As a rule, the use of starch causes a rapid increase in the number of glucose in the blood, but the antioxidant reduced the level of this substance. Green tea can be a natural controller sugar levels after consumption of bakery products, for example, for Breakfast.

However, EGCG did not affect the blood sugar level, if the mouse ate maltose or glucose. The explanation lies in the mechanism of the synthesis of sugar from starch. In the pancreas and in the mouth produces the enzyme alpha-amylase, contributing to the breakdown of starch into glucose and maltose. The antioxidant EGCG inhibits the enzymes that assist in the breakdown of starch. Ingestion of EGCG, the alpha-amylase activity is reduced by 34%. If the same regulation mechanism and characteristic of the human body to control sugar levels enough to drink just one Cup of green tea.

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