Flora toothbrushes can Harbor bacteria from the feces

The issue of storage and disinfection of the toothbrush is important if the bathroom is a few people. Doctors suggest that you not in vain to change the accessory every month. With prolonged use one toothbrush it accumulates a variety of bacteria, including dangerous, writes The Indian Express.

Sometimes the brush get the bacteria from the feces. It's not dangerous if the bacterial composition coincides with the flora of the human intestine. However, foreign bacteria can cause infections and parasitic diseases. So to hygiene should be treated more carefully.

Scientists conducted bacteriological analysis of toothbrushes students from the University Quinnipiac. In one room lived 9-10 people. Bacteria of group of intestinal sticks were found on 60% of the brushes, and even the cap is not saved from falling flora.

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