Flavourings cause allergies to scents

They are present almost everywhere, they do not hide and not to run away... Yes, the smell is an integral part of our lives. Many dental and cosmetic surgeries are used in their premises flavors with the smell of orange or vanilla to relieve tension, stress and nervous discharge of patients. In trading houses are frequently used fragrances for air conditioning to create a pleasant atmosphere and encourage clients to make more long-term stay. Air fresheners, aerosols for premises, aromatic oils, detergents, cosmetics, even food that smells and flavors in its composition.

For most people this is not a problem, however, grows from year to year the number of those who reacts allergic to certain fragrances. After contact Allergy to Nickel allergic to scents or intolerance of flavouring substances the second most common cause of contact allergies. Why the number of Allergy sufferers is growing, is not precisely known, but there is an assumption that the tendency to allergies is inherited. And the fact that almost every third person suffers from allergies, paradoxically, depends on too sterile living conditions, especially in the leading industrial countries.

The power of scent

The smell is not subject to interpretation by the mind, they directly affect the system senses. As they affect hypothalamus, the area of the brain that is responsible for instincts, desires and emotions. Smells evoke memories and feelings, industrial industry not so long ago it was discovered and successfully applied in practice. Conscious of the impact of using certain aromas can be used to achieve certain goals. Research has proved that the consistent application of certain odoriferous substances affects the behavior of the buyer. But most people fragrances ispolzovanie and purposefully, for example, when buying perfume products.

The cause of the illness - the smell

Unfortunately, aromatic substances, not all people provide good health. In the manufacture of cosmetics is applied over 6,000 different materials, and of these, about 2,500 flavors. So far, only some parts are tested for hygienic integrity. Many of these substances are potential allergens. In addition, it is known that, according to conservative estimates, 20,000 substances can cause allergic reactions, among them the ingredients contained in the food.

Allergic reactions can manifest itself in different ways: in one case is reddened, watery eyes, another rash, in the third - shortness of breath. If there are certain symptoms you should consult a dermatologist and an extended test for allergens. Unfortunately, to determine the causes of allergies caused by certain smells or aromas, very difficult. In Europe, only 26 of the most common allergens from the great multitude must be declared in cosmetics. Particularly susceptible to odors respond to people who already suffer from disorders caused by factors outside world, for example, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, asthma.


Possible ways of solving or alleviating the problem could be, for example: use only substances that do not cause doubt as to the harmlessness and safety for humans and animals; strict requirements for manufacturers Declaration of all ingredients; a complete rejection of aromaticity areas, both in the private sector, and public places.

Be careful, your health is in your hands!

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