Flatfoot in children solved the problem

A disease such as flat feet in children often: according to statistics, it affects one in five children.

When this disease musculoskeletal observed deformation of the foot, while the arc between the thumb and the heel has a flattened shape or non-existent.

As a rule, the presence of flatfoot doctors inform parents during scheduled inspection of the child.

Experts say that at an early age to diagnose the above disease is extremely difficult. Symptoms of flat feet can occur only to five years of a child's life. By this age, he already begins to grow bone system, which helps to identify children's flat feet.

Reasons may occur, the disease is multiple: genetic predisposition, wearing uncomfortable shoes irregular, excessive physical load on the legs of the child and so on.

Treatment of deformity is the normalization of their correct position using a special orthopedic shoes. A characteristic feature of flatfoot is too worn-out shoes, which usually beveled on the inner side. To determine the exact diagnosis is, of course, should immediately contact the experts.

Treatment of flatfoot should be carried out comprehensively, as a rule, it begins with a diagnostic computer. In addition, the doctor recommends that the child appropriate shoes.

To prevent flat feet also provides for a special orthotics for children, they reduce pain and the degree of load on separate areas of the foot when walking.

To correct the foot deformity will help complex of special exercises and therapeutic massage, which, moreover, help to strengthen the muscles of the foot. The massaging of the foot accelerates blood circulation, provides improved blood flow in the legs, and also normalizes the ligaments and muscles of the foot. Treatment of flatfoot includes 13-15 sessions. For more effective treatment after carrying out of massage treatments to the patient a contrast foot bath. This integrated approach should be used systematically, that is to be courses - at least several times a year. Orthopedic shoes and insoles should be worn regularly, only in this case it is possible to achieve the correct shape of the foot in children.

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