Flatfoot in children - causes and treatment

When the child is too young, he can't say that it bothers legs. But if parents don't do gymnastics and massage with your baby, after a few years the problem called "flat feet" will be felt.

Flatfoot can be congenital, which is due to the underdevelopment of the muscles, and can be purchased, which appears under the influence of certain diseases, such as rickets or ankle injury. Often flatfoot in children occurs due to heredity.

A visit to the doctor

The diagnosis of "flat feet" child under the age of 4-5 years can only orthopedist. Some surgeons in clinics tend to diagnosing flatfoot in those who have never been. The fact that children on the feet there is a small fat pad, which can create the appearance of flat feet.

But even if the doctor said that the baby flatfoot no, parents should still pay attention to strengthening the arch of the foot, because baby muscles very weak.

Factors influencing the appearance of flat feet

Even normal foot when wearing shoes matched incorrectly may begin to deform. Therefore, choosing shoes for your baby, you need to purchase a quality model with a rigid back and a small heel.

In addition, to provoke the appearance of flat feet can be great exercise.

Some parents provoke the development of flatfoot their child and not even know it. During the period of intensive growth, many children are in the family of older brothers and sisters and start to raise in the hands of younger children, the severity of which is disproportionate to the child.

How to treat flat feet

If the child was diagnosed with flat feet, parents should do everything possible to save the child from him.

The first thing to do is to learn a special massage for children with flat feet. This massage improves blood circulation and tones the muscle. To cope with this massage can any adult, because it is not complicated. You start with massage legs. Mum to RUB, caress, knead with your fingers first whole leg from the Shin to the foot, and then the foot from the heel to the toes. Each finger should mussirovatsya separately.

Children with flat feet is very useful to walk barefoot on gravel, sand, grass. Also on the bottom of the pelvis to put pebbles and pour warm water. The task of the child to dip their feet in the basin and feet to roll along the bottom of the stones. If desired, at home you can arrange a sandy beach. To do this in a wooden box you need to fill river sand and ask the child to walk on it for 15 minutes.

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