Flat feet - causes and possible treatment

The condition in which the foot is flattened, longitudinal and transverse arches are deformed, called flatfoot. This disease can be acquired or congenital. If the foot deformity transverse stop decreases and the width increases. Typically, transverse flatfoot happen to men after 35 years. If the sole is fully in contact with the floor, and foot length increases, this is called longitudinal platypodia.

Causes of flatfoot

Congenital flatfoot happens as a result of unbalanced nutrition during pregnancy, abnormal pregnancy, resulting in the foot of the baby appears the failure of the connective tissue.

Flat feet can appear in the body in trauma: fractures of the ankle, ankle joint, tarsal bones. As this disease can develop as a result of soft tissue damage, which contribute to the strengthening of arches.

Paralytic flatfoot appears as a consequence of the disease of polio. After this serious disease tibial muscles and muscles of the feet become paralyzed.

When such a serious disease like rickets, a bone, the system may normally be formed. Resulting in fragile bones cease to support the weight of a human body are deformed foot, appears flat.

More than 80% of cases of flat feet, the most common static flatfoot. Weak muscles of the foot and lower leg, as well as ligaments that contribute to the appearance of flat feet. The causes are standing work, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, narrow trendy shoes or shoes with high heels.

Many people do not believe that flatfoot serious illness, what is very seriously wrong.

In the treatment of this disease, the doctors are trying to slow down the development and transition into a more serious stage of the disease. Treatment is complex, and consists of correction of the deformity, pain relief, strengthening the muscles and ligaments of the foot.

To get rid of this disease by using a special physical therapy and medications.

Flat feet can be treated with:

- therapeutic exercises;

- therapeutic baths for the feet;

- foot massage;

- compresses and lotions.

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