Fixed problem with early awakening

The ability to get up early in the morning - quite a useful skill, but this is not so easy. Now known the true cause of the difficulties arising in the process of early recovery.

It is difficult to avoid the temptation to stay in bed an extra five or ten minutes you wait for the clock to save time. Many after awakening experience drowsiness, decreased performance, which persists until lunch or the end of the day. People can't focus on the objects and actions, feel irritable and frustrated.

The main cause of such effects is insomnia at night, fatigue at work, constant overload, stress, psychological problems.

Melatonin is a hormone of the pineal gland, which depends on the availability of solar lighting, performs the function of regulating the life rhythms, including sleep and wakefulness. Usually, the amount of melatonin reaches its maximum to two hours before bedtime, and to the awakening level is reduced. If the person does not comply with the regime of the day and goes to bed late, melatonin levels after awakening remains high for several hours, and this is caused by fatigue, inability to perform elementary work properly, not to mention complex activity. When circadian rhythms are disturbed hormonal balance is changing.

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American scientists in order to avoid problems with sleep are advised to go to bed with the sunset, more walk in the fresh air. Following these simple rules will help in the restoration and maintenance of biorhythms of the body. This will give strength for early recovery and preservation of the maximum capacity throughout the day.

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