Five deputies to help the Minister of health

Prime Minister D. Medvedev approved the resolution on the reorganization of the activities of the Ministry of Finance. Now at the head of the Ministry Century Skvortsova will be subordinate to 5 substituents.

In accordance with the signed decree reduced the number of departments of the Ministry of health involved in direct coordination office, to 15.

One of the five Vice-Minister of health will take the position of Secretary of state.

The decree limited the maximum allowable number of people employed in the Central office of the Ministry of health: 549 people.

Similar limitations in the number of staff identified for the Central offices of other government agencies: the departments should be limited to 154 employees, and the Federal medical-biological Agency (FMBA) cannot contain more than 299 people.

The decree Century Putin from 21.05.2012, withdrew from the Ministry, in an independent structure, the Ministry of labour and social security and Ministry of health. The President has authorized Veronika Skvortsova to lead the Ministry of health. The CPS was transferred from departmental subordination under the direct control of the government.

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