"Fish" pedicure dangerous for health

Medical experts warn that the cause of the infection with a variety of infections can become pedicure performed using fish.

New pedicure is very popular among women, which is performed through small fish-exotics garra rufa, that during the procedure eat rough skin, in a short time can in many European countries to be banned. From this type of pedicure in several American States, Texas, new Hampshire, Washington and including Florida - have already refused.

Patients during the procedure "fish peeling" patients put their feet in the pool of warm water with fish in it, which, being in their natural habitat feeding on plankton and cabin conditions gladly eat rough skin. Small fish clients gently remove dead skin and do not touch the parts with healthy skin. Procedure discomfort does not cause, in addition, the fish produce an enzyme that promotes healing of small cracks sores and disinfection. But, nevertheless, experts believe, this procedure carries serious health hazard.

Representatives of the British Agency health believe: "Fish pedicure can cause serious diseases, because for all visitors to the show are the same fish. Some clients may suffer any skin diseases and thus are potential disease vectors". Further, the representatives added that the baths and pools of water, which is the site of this procedure is the permanent residence of the fish, and no one can guarantee their complete disinfection.

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