Fish oil may not always help in diseases of the heart

It is believed that eating fish is good for the human heart, but it turned out that fish oil nothing to help people who have problems with heart, and who are already taking medicines to relieve heart attacks. The study covered those people who took or did not take supplements containing fatty acids omega-3. It should be noted that most of these healthy fats found in fish like tuna, salmon and sardines.

Held earlier research work has established that the adopted capsule containing fish oil reduces the risk of heart attack in people who suffer from heart failure. According to a leading researcher of Alabama, Birmingham Dr. Donna Arnett, American Association for the study of heart diseases are advised to take fish oil only those in the blood which contain high levels of fat under the name of the triglycerides.

A large-scale study, which was conducted in 2010, found that capsules with fish oil does not prevent outbreaks fibrillyatsy fibrillation and common problems with heart rhythm. In the new study, the researchers initially intended to compare the level of heart attacks, strokes and deaths from them in groups, but it turned out that they happen much less frequently than expected. That is why the researchers changed his intention, and measured the time until the moment of hospitalization due to heart ailments. Scientific research lasted for 5 years, and during this time it became known that almost 12% of patients in each group have a similar problem.

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In any case, the use of fish as food is useful, and the Association of the USA for the study of heart disease recommends to use it in the food at least 2 times a week, for the prevention of heart disease.

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