Fish oil capsules detrimental to cancer patients

Found in supplements fish oil fatty acids can stop the chemotherapy of tumors, therefore, treated patients in no case should not drink fish oil, warn Dutch scientists from the University of Utrecht.

Fish oil is sold worldwide and is known as the perfect tool for strengthening the heart and brain, however, two kinds of fatty acids from him PIFAs block the process of chemotherapy, as was shown by experiments on animals.

Not yet identified the mechanism of action of fish oil for treatment of chemotherapy, all cancer patients are requested not to accept it.

Chemotherapy, which is often used to treat cancer of the lung, bladder, testicular, blocked PIFAs, which are produced by stem cells, and can also be found in fish oil. Mice with tumors also drove these fatty acids in the amount in which they are contained in portions of fish oil. After such injection, the tumor became insensitive to chemotherapy.

Thus, scientists have also discovered the reason for the resistance of some tumors to chemotherapy, the blame for this may lie in the diet of the patient.

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