Fish diet protects women from heart failure

A woman's body is unique, as the woman to be productive period of her hormones protects all organs and systems, including the heart. The onset of menopause, and hormone levels, reduced female body requires extra protection from the outside.

Cardiologists constantly consider additional factors protect the hearts of women in menopause. In may 2011 in the journal "Heart failure," American heart Association has posted the results of a study that confirms the protective effect of fish diet.

The researchers studied the eating habits of about 85 000 women in the postmenopausal period and concluded that the fish diet can reduce the risk of heart failure by 30 percent, and it's significant results. For prevention it is better to consider red fish (trout, salmon), they increasingly contain "good" cholesterol, which deals with the prevention of atherosclerosis.

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The protective property of fish diets depend on the method of cooking fish. Useful ways - fish steamed or baked in the oven. Fish grilled or fried fish will not help in reducing the risk of heart failure, and more, can cause atherosclerosis.

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