Fish Danio rerio will give hope to all deaf

It is known that loud noise can permanently damage the inner ear of mammals and can lead to deafness, however, the ability of fish, the zebrafish re-grow cells, give people hope.

Researchers from the University of Western Kentucky and University of Louisville developed a joint project to study the activation and deactivation of genes after injury with hearing impairment.

Lead author of the project Michael Smith said that the understanding of the mechanism of recovery in fish hair cells will eventually help scientists to understand how the trauma of the ear in humans and provide a treatment which will restore the hair cells, and therefore the hearing.

The study showed that the regeneration of fish involved growth hormone. Injections of growth hormone in the zebrafish led to the quick regeneration of inner ear cells.

Two days after injury with hearing cells in the inner ear regenerated and restores its functionality, in this process were involved 839 genes that caused a 64 fold increase in growth hormone.

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