Fish contains substances that suppress the immune system

In the fish tissues contain chemical compounds that may weaken human immunity. To such conclusion the American scientists. They analyzed the composition of the most common varieties of fish coming to our table. As it turned out, not all fish is good for the body the product.

In the tissues of marine animals may find particles of refrigerants, fire-resistant materials and insecticides, says the publication Medical Daily. Moreover, a number of hazardous chemicals contained in marine fish can enter the body through protein P-glycoprotein, which is designed to protect against these toxins.

In the tissues of the yellowfin tuna, scientists found pesticides and refrigerants used for quick freezing fish. "When we eat this fish, we reduce the effectiveness of essential protective systems of the body. This applies to both humans and marine animals," says AMRO, Hamdan, author of the study from Scriptconsole Oceanographic Institute.

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