First the habits of the kid will tell about his future character of the scientists

Enough to pay attention to the behavior of the baby to understand what kind of character the child grows. So say experts of Stella chess and Alexander Thomas of new York University.

30 years scientists have been observing a group of 135 children. Take into account the level of kids health, their psychological status and speed of mental development. At the end of the first phase of the study, the researchers divided the children into three groups: "hard", "easy" children and children "slowly heats up temperament". Ten years after the start of the experiment, almost all children remained in the group, which was included in the infancy.

Parents useful to begin to explore the nature of the child from the first days of life, experts say. Certainly, some features in it will change, but the core will probably remain unchanged. Enough to spend a little more time to in the near future to quickly find a common language and to build a relationship of trust.

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