First, the British were dark-skinned

The sensational statement of researchers from University College London published by the newspaper The Independent. According to scientists, the most ancient found in Britain human remains belonged to a blue-eyed representative of the black race.

The establishment looks ancient Briton was performed using DNA analysis, allowing to recreate a virtual model of the human form.

As explained by one of participants of research Ian Barnes, the biggest impression on the experts produced a completely opposite presence of external characteristics that significantly distinguish the first person from modern humans.

All previous research found the remains of the a priori was based on the assumption of the presence of a light skin tone, however, they did not take into account the data of DNA analysis.

To restore the image of the primitive inhabitant of England was made possible thanks to the technique of computer simulation with the use of DNA, represented by well-known scientists - brothers Alfons and Adrie Kennys. Earlier, the twins used methods in cooperation with various museums. Reconstructed model of the first Englishmen can be seen in the documentary yilma the UK's Channel 4 "the First Briton: the secrets of person of 10 thousand years."

The remains were found in 1903 in a cave Goff gorge Cheddar Somerset and are currently stored in the London natural history Museum. Estimated age of the skeleton – from 9 to 15 thousand years.

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