First-graders will not have to undergo medical examinations for admission to the school

Russian first-graders do not have to undergo special medical examination for school entry. This year preventive medical examinations included a number of medical specialists. For the most part, the results of this survey were repeated data collected in other surveys. In the end, the doctors were doing unnecessary work. The changes should make life easier for doctors and reduce the load on the entire medical staff.

In the past year for admission to the school the child had to go pediatrician, neurologist, surgeon, dentist, ophthalmologist, otorhinolaryngologist, psychiatrist, obstetrician-gynecologist and a children's urologist-andrologist, traumatologist-orthopedist. Now all these surveys to get an individual do not need help.

Not everyone agrees with the reform. Specifically, the changes will save funds on health care, and the time of doctors with parents and their children.

"There is a clear fixed terms of treatment, and they are tied to a certain age. Since the age of admission of children to school is 6.5-7 years, these are the timelines and clinical examination. Do not forget that some surveys are carried out on a paid basis and be reusing the same surveys that have been made recently, is quite expensive. It is a formal repetition of what has already been done before" - comments on the situation of child psychotherapist, Director of the Center for gifted children Yuri Belenov.

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The idea of Agency supported Andrey Demidov, co-chair of the all-Russian teachers ' Union. However, he drew attention to the obvious problem faced by the system of protection of the health of schoolchildren. "Now medical offices are closed and now schools coming doctors. Afraid that there is a special person who would conduct ongoing monitoring of children's health and, if necessary, to provide operational assistance. The question of medical examinations starts to bother themselves teachers who annually pass. Dissatisfaction of teachers is not the need to undergo annual surveys, and the fact that teachers are forced to do it for their own money, but not at the expense of the employer," says Demidov.

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