First graders - the risk of sleep disturbance and social maladjustment

Admission to the school leads to various sleep disorders in children, this is the conclusion of experts, after screening of the Australian first-form children.

The research of the Department of Pediatrics and the University of Melbourne in Australia has swept 1 512 parents from 22 secondary schools. Parents answered questions of the experts and the children were screened for psychosocial adaptation after three, six and twelve months after the start of school.

The first screening has identified sleep problems at 79.2 percent of first-graders, over time, this percentage had declined to 12 months insomnia revealed only 10.8 percent of children.

The number of points to identify psychosocial maladjustment decreased from the first to the third screening. Best social behavior of the children showed a 12 month study.

School screening showed that almost all first graders are faced with sleep disorders and psychosocial maladjustment. This is due to global changes in their social environment, the new psycho-emotional stress. These States are rapidly, and only 10 percent of children require intervention specialists, school psychologists.

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