First aid kit for a newborn

First aid kit for a newborn need to prepare yet he was not born. Anyway, by the time of discharge from the hospital of mother and baby, first aid kit should be stocked. You will need it from the first day to care for the baby. Now for newborns in pharmacies offer kits with all you need, but there's quite a bit extra, so it is better to assemble the kit yourself.

Consider what you must have in the medicine Cabinet.

For daily hygienic procedures:

• sterile cotton wool. Torontoca of wool (flagella) are used to cleanse the nose and ears of the newborn;

• drugstore hydrogen peroxide for treatment of umbilical wound. It is easier if it is a bottle with a pipette, failing that, buy a separate pipette, preferably in the case;

• cotton swabs. You'll need to dry the umbilical wound after treatment with hydrogen peroxide;

• tincture or calendula. Traditionally used Zelenka. The thing is, most importantly, to the umbilical wound wasn't sore. Green paint skin painted and you may not notice signs of inflammation. Tincture of calendula and eucalyptus have a very good bactericidal properties and does not stain the skin;

• scissors to cut nails in the newborn, which grow very quickly. The most convenient conventional nail clippers;

• wipes to handle a child's buttocks. However, if you find that the wipes have an allergic reaction on your baby's skin - use only normal baby cream;

• set of herbs for bathing: leaf of sage, sequence, camomile flowers;

• for skin treatment of the child, prevent diaper rash, it is recommended to prepare trapping oil on the basis of any vegetable.

Other items to care for a newborn:

• thermometer for determining the temperature of the child;

• water thermometer to check the temperature of the water in the tub for bathing;

• venting tube and enema will help to cope with such things as constipation, gas accumulation in the intestine, which the child often occur in the first months of life.


• medications to reduce the temperature in the form of syrup and candles;

• chlorophyllipt is used in the treatment of staphylococcal infections, eliminates inflammation on the skin.

Attention! To apply drugs to newborns valid only when prescribed by a pediatrician.

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