First aid for various burns

Every man at least once in their life burnt, whether it happened because of the fire, hot liquids, whether due to the action of electricity. It is hardly enjoyable and tell you about it now don't want to. But what if it suddenly happened? How to give first aid for different types of burns?

Thermal burn

With this type of burn, the skin reddens, there are small bubbles, which later burst and the skin is charred. Your primary task is to eliminate the burning object. For example, if the person is burning clothes, should as soon as possible to pour the entire water. Another option is to cover a person's cloth, no air flowing. In this case, it is impossible to tear off the clothes that stick to human skin.

When you burn 1 and 2 degrees, it is recommended to rinse the burn with cold water. Then cover the affected area with a damp cloth. In case of a burn 3rd degree cooling water cannot be used. The victim is required to give an anesthetic, and then call the doctor if the burn is serious enough.

Chemical burn

Burns of this type mogut to be caused by exposure to human skin of various alkalis, acids or caustic liquids. What should I do first?

-remove the clothes, which got a chemical substance

-wash the skin thoroughly, so that the acid does not remain on the body

-to the injury site attach a cloth soaked in cold water

-apply to the burned area with a sterile bandage.

If a chemical burn is minor, he quickly healed. However, if there are signs of shock in humans, if the affected eye, face, legs or other important body parts, it is best to consult your doctor.

Electrical burns

Occurs when through human tissue is electricity. The first problem with this burn is to prevent further exposure of current to the victim. While it is strictly forbidden to touch the affected until the electricity will not be completely turned off.

If the person has lost consciousness, cannot be and speeches about self-treatment, immediately call the doctor. If the person is conscious, but weak and irregular breathing, give cardiac massage, artificial respiration.

Radiation burn

Such a burn can occur as a result of radioactive substances. First aid is to wash the body of the victim with clean water, you can even snow, if it is not dirty. The clothing is removed from the person for sanitary processing.

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Remember that much of your health and that of your loved ones depends on you. So you should know how to provide first aid in any situation.

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