First aid for fractures

Very often one is confronted with a situation where you want endurance, self-control and a certain knowledge to be able to provide the necessary assistance in distress passer. Because the timely medical help can save lives and save serious consequences. The most common situation is when you need first aid at fracture.

Fracture is a violation of the integrity of the bones. There are two types of fracture - closed and open fracture. When the closed form of injury is a broken bone, and is often accompanied by displacement of the fragments. When you open the bone chip damage the soft tissue and frequently speaks out.

The basic steps for fracture of an extremity

Before measures first aid should call an ambulance. You should know that the transport of the patient is made only by health workers, it is therefore necessary to carry out the immobilization of the victim (immobilize).

- The first step is to inspect the damaged limb: to determine the type of fracture. If the victim pain shock, and he is unconscious, we have to bring it to life.

- Under the bleeding should stop, put the harness. If the blood is red, it means that the damaged artery, and harness should be put above the damaged area. If damaged, the blood has a dark tint, tow superimposed below the wound. It is necessary to fix the time when the overlay harness to notify the physician.

The damaged part is necessary to immobilize and secure it by means of the bus. You can do this with any object at hand - umbrella, Board, stick, thick piece of cardboard, etc. With an open fracture on the protruding bone chip to impose gauze and fix it.

- When broken arm, you should immobilize the limb and tie it with a scarf, head scarves, lace, waist up to the neck. Broken leg requires a blend lock with two sides for complete immobility of the limb. If you suspect a fracture of the spine, do not move the victim. It should only be put under the head soft thing, and wait for the arrival of an ambulance.

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If there are no obvious signs of fracture, and only suspicion, the best option would be to conduct the above activities in order to be safe.

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